This is a section that we should dedicate to the fashion industry

Fashion has a substantial impact over the way we dress, what kind of clothes we are wearing and simply how we feel about ourselves. It has become an influential force in our lives and it is still evolving. In fact, its influence has surpassed many other areas of life for many people all around the world. The difference between clothing as an object and clothing as a signifier or identity is no longer as clear cut anymore. While everyone wears clothes to express their identity, fashion is more than just a personal choice in clothing. It’s like language; while some people can speak fluently without any formal education, others require some formal education before they can even say something more than a few words.

Fashion designers take inspiration from the environmental impact of fashion styles and use it to design new fashions. This can be seen as a strong argument against animal testing, which is a major part of the reason why this type of fashion is so controversial.

Style is one of the most important topics in our lives, especially when it comes to how we dress. In general, people are drawn to different styles, but it sometimes goes too far and we end up denying ourselves real freedom with what we have been told “is normal” (also called cultural norm). The main goal for me as a writer is to give people around me some freedom: freedom from all those norms that I don’t like, freedom from needing to fit into certain filters.

Fashion is seen as a way to express oneself and look good. New York, the city that embodies fashion and glamour, is inspiring people from all walks of life to get involved in fashion.

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