This article is about the history of fashion in New York

It was a place where one could buy anything from exotic clothing to pure and simple cut-offs, and it was also an important hub for the global fashion industry.

Fashion is a worldwide business. It has grown from a local movement to a global phenomenon. While the fashion industry has looked towards the world market, we have seen a rise in female empowerment and new gender roles in fashion.

Fashions have always changed, and will continue to change as the world goes by. For example, in the past few decades, women changed their style of wearing dresses in different ways. Nowadays more and more women are ready to wear trousers.

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Introduction: New York is an important part of the world . It has become one of the most influential cities for not just every country but for all over the world . It is also known as “fashion capital” as it has been attracting famous designers from around the globe . There are various different schools that offer

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