The world of fashion is constantly changing

New York has become a global center for fashion. It is a world full of culture, diversity and talent. People from all over the world make their way there to adopt contemporary style trends, from artsy to functional.

The New York Fashion week was very popular in the first decade of 20th century in terms of attendance figures and revenue. But then, it started declining and there are no signs that it will ever revive again. However, we can observe that people like to go back to this kind of fashion week every year and some even go beyond it by attending shows or events hosted in different cities during the same week .

A lot of creative content was generated using this kind of fashion week but why did they not come up with similar content using AI? Details on such examples can be found below.

Fashion is becoming a global phenomenon. But there is something about it that makes it special. Whether you like the way you look, or whether you feel your style is not up to scratch, there are good reasons why you ought to buy clothes that are perfectly tailored to your body, and they are all in New York.

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