New York is famous for the fashion industry

Fashion designers and brands have to work closely with numerous media outlets, both online and offline, in order to promote their brand. The way they do that varies from industry to industry. Sometimes they connect directly with bloggers/vloggers/review sites or influencers on social media platforms, or through a direct connection with other designers and brands. Sometimes they rely on advertising campaigns for their products, and sometimes they simply rely on word of mouth advertising not through traditional channels (vetwalk etc.).

You can talk to a fashion expert to find the right dress or accessories. You can buy the right shirt, shoes and bag.

When you shop online, you expect your shopping experience to be smooth and fast. There is no need to wait for hours looking at irrelevant information on an article and then make a final decision on what you want when you are offline.

Online retailing has changed that as we will soon see more products available online than offsite, making online shopping much more personalized.

A fashion designer in the US is looking for inspiration and ideas to come up with a new collection. She needs to find a new concept, which will be short, but very beautiful and trendy. This collection will be produced using digital assistants.

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