Fashion is one of the most traded commodities in the world

In fashion industry, women’s clothing plays a key role. It gives us self-image and symbolizes our identity.

This article will be about analyzing the different trends in fashion and highlighting some of the most influential brands that have shaped our style throughout history.

Fashion is one of the most dynamic and evolving industries. Global demand for fashion apparel is constantly growing. New York Fashion Week, which is the largest fashion event in the world, is a huge event for all people who are involved in fashion.

Technology is empowering women to find ways of dressing that meet their individual needs.

What is fashion and why does it matter?

„Fashion is perhaps the most misunderstood and, at the same time, over-hyped topic in today’s society.” This article discusses the fashion industry from a millennial point of view.

The main idea is that millennials (born in 1980s), which are more likely to be interested in technology and social media, they also tend to be more tech savvy, and are very interested in fashion. Hence they often choose „the new” trend instead of settling for something a bit older or established. Secondly, according to this article people who do not like traditional clothing will also tend to prefer „the new”, which means that there will be certain trends that are usually rejected by both older generations as well as younger ones. Besides this most of them prefer clothes with.

The fashion industry in New York is not the same as what it was in the 1990s. Fashion designers are constantly developing new designs and concepts. The trend of high-end clothing, shorter skirts and suits in short sleeves is continuing to grow.

With a view to stay relevant in the fashion industry, women should have their own style, create their own clothes and express their unique identity.

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