Fashion is a business of the future

New York has already become a major fashion city and other areas such as London are making great progress too.

Fashion is the most recognizable symbol of a city. It is often regarded as one of the most important products that make cities unique. Fashion has always been an important part of life for women and men, who have to wear clothes that are made to their body sizes. Fashion has had a huge influence on our lives and we should pay attention to it. It is very relevant in New York because it’s so big and well known in the fashion world

Fashion is something that people are always talking about – without a doubt. It’s a very rich subject and it is one of the major topics in New York. Over the years fashion has been an important part of life in this city and it is still quite relevant to society. The daily fashion stories are often used as an example when things go wrong or when companies make mistakes. Fashion trends have a significant influence on society, culture and most importantly on our way of living. In this section you can read about the different fashions, styles and trends that have been going on in New York over the last years. You will learn how they were starting to take their place not only as forefront but also as part of daily life here in New York City

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